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If you are interested in selling your home, this is one of the first questions you should ask yourself and your real estate agent.“What should I do to prepare my house before I list it for sale”?


We have prepared a list of things that will help guide you through this process while keeping the costs as low as possible, maximizing your chances to sell faster and for more!

1.Declutter and remove your personal items. This includes pictures, clothes/shoes left around the house, kid’s toys, kid’s drawings, notes on refrigerator, games, uncommon décor, etc. This will allow potential buyers to visualize your home as their own.

2. Remove old and unnecessary furniture. The more open space in the house, the better. Keep only the nice basic furniture for an understanding of the layout. This doesn’t mean move all of it to one of the rooms/garage or throw it out. If you want to keep the furniture, rent a storage space or a pod to keep it out of the way.

3. Fix what is broken! If you have no idea about the conditions of your home, it might be beneficial to get an inspection to see what needs to be fixed. This might be highly dependent on your budget; however, we do recommend that you at least fix some of the basic things to minimize the chances of losing the buyer during the inspection period or receiving a hefty credit request from buyer.


4. The curb appeal to your home is the first impression and landscape can change that completely. Trim your shrubs and trees. Clean up and remove all the overgrown vegetation. Treat your grass and keep it cut. If you have rocks in certain areas, buy a couple bags to give it a newer look. Add some landscape if needed.


5. If your house is painted with bright colors (blue, yellow, green, etc) then we always recommend to repaint the house in neutral colors as it can make a drastic difference. White is always a great color. Your style might be completely different than the potential buyer. Keeping the home opened for anyone’s vision is extremely important.


6. Deep clean!!! This is an absolute must and includes not only inside, but outside as well. Perhaps, if your roof and/or pavers are dirty, have them pressure cleaned (don’t forget the gutters). If you have a pool, it should be absolutely spotless at all times. Kitchen dishes put away, dirty laundry away from the utility room, and bathrooms VERY clean.


7. If your house has a lot of windows and natural light, Great! Just make sure they are always opened for showings. Otherwise, there should be plenty of light inside. replace your bulbs with brighter ones and add more light, if needed. There is nothing exciting about walking into a dark home.


8. Your house must smell good! The most common ways are candles, oil inserts and diffusers. Use a seasonal scent or something that isn’t abnormal to the typical smells. Going to a store and asking for their most popular scent is always a good bet.


9. Make basic upgrades to give your house a newer look and feel. This may include new A/C thermostat & vents, door knobs, cabinets hardware, shower curtains, outlets hardware, light fixtures, door trims, etc.


10. Last but not least, add some colorful flowers and plants inside the house. This will bring life and energy to the house, creating a home feeling to the potential buyers.